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Category: Real Estate

hottest markets 2019 - Grand Rapids
4 min read

Hottest neighborhoods to watch in 2019

Hey there, Heartland. After years of the hottest neighborhoods in the U.S. showing up along the c...
Kelley Walters
6 min read

Affordable homes in neighborhoods with holiday spirit

Deck the halls? In some neighborhoods, the halls aren’t the half of it. Locals deck out the...
Stacey Freed
Unique homes under $200000
5 min read

Unique starter homes you can buy right now for under $200,000

You may think a starter home is “just” a starter home—but it doesn’t have to be...
Stacey Freed
Most expensive listing in Arizona
2 min read

The Priciest Homes For Sale in Every State

A roundup of some of the most expensive listings across the nation From rose gardens in Rhode Isl...
Leah Monteleone
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Everything you need to know about homebuying

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3 min read

These Cities Are on Sale

Anyone who’s been looking for a nice, affordable house in a neighborhood they love knows it...
Stacey Freed
5 min read

These Fast-growing Cities Still Have (Relatively) Affordable Housing

If you’re thinking about moving to a fast-growing city, you might make a few assumptions about wh...
Brie Dyas
6 min read

We’re Good Here: Boomers Are Staying Put Instead of Downsizing

Baby Boomers are not ready to let go. The approximately 70 million Americans between 54 and 73 ye...
Brie Dyas
Boston 2 Most expensive condos
12 min read

The Most Expensive Condos in America

If you won the lottery, where would you move? While some might dream of a sprawling country estat...
Francesca Faris, Brie Dyas