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Author: Felipe Chacón

12 min read

Good News: There Are More Starter and Trade-Up Homes. Bad News: It’s Not What You Think

For the first time since Q3 2016, the number of U.S. homes for sale did not decline year-over-yea...
Felipe Chacón
11 min read

Shift to More Buyer-Friendly Conditions Chipping Away at U.S. Home Sellers’ Years-Long Advantages

Though sellers still largely have the upper hand, the U.S. housing market is gradually shifting i...
Felipe Chacón, Elliott Deal
9 min read

Coming in From the Cold

Conventional wisdom might suggest that as the weather cools and home searchers in the nation’s ch...
Felipe Chacón
Million Dollar Hoods_Thumbnail
5 min read

Million-Dollar Creep: Neighborhoods Crossing Over

More than 3,000,000 U.S. homes are currently worth $1 million or more, about 3.6 percent of all h...
Felipe Chacón
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San Diego Beach
7 min read

Price Cuts at Highest Level Since 2014 – But Not All Buyers Will Benefit

The share of U.S. homes listed for sale with at least one price cut is at its highest level since...
Felipe Chacón
Post Recession Job Growth: Metro vs. Rural
5 min read

How Employment, Development and Home Values Constructed a Post-Recession America

Since the Great Recession officially ended in the US in late-2009, the road to recovery of the jo...
Felipe Chacón
Top 10 College Towns Housing Costs
5 min read

Campus Report: Is Off-Campus Housing Cheaper?

It’s late August—and that means college towns across the country are coming back to life after sl...
Felipe Chacón
Couple in garden looking at house
4 min read

The Single-Family Rental Wave Has Crested… Here’s How It’s Shaken Out

Through the Great Recession and its immediate aftermath, foreclosures hit the market at rates not...
Felipe Chacón