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What's it like to live in Miami?

There are a lot of green spaces to enjoy in Miami, despite its sometimes busy ambience. There are over 100 green spaces close by for residents to visit, including Grapeland Heights Park and Bayfront Park, and they are very well-located, which makes it easy to reach them. Lastly, this municipality has many sections that are very calm and quiet, although other spots can be noisy, especially closer to Interstate 395, Interstate 95, one of the railway lines or the airport (Miami International Airport).

What kinds of homes are available in Miami?

Over half of the housing stock of Miami consists of single detached homes and large apartment buildings, and the remaining dwellings are mainly townhouses. This municipality has a good variety of housing sizes, ranging from lofts to four or more bedrooms. The proportions of homeowners and renters are about even. Roughly 30% of homes in this municipality were constructed pre-1960, while most of the remaining buildings were built in the 1960s and the 1980s.

What are the schools, restaurants and shopping like in Miami?

Both general and specialty grocery stores are typically accessible within a short walk from most rental houses in Miami. Over 800 supermarkets are located close by, and the best variety can be found on streets like 2nd Avenue. Furthermore, there are a fair number of choices for those who appreciate nearby restaurants and cafes. It is also easy to get to a variety of clothing stores on foot, for instance along 20th Street. As far as education is concerned, it is a reasonably short walk to access both primary and secondary schools from anywhere in Miami. Apart from public schools, there are private elementary and secondary schools.

What are the best ways to get around in Miami?

Traveling on foot is practical for house renters in Miami; most common errands can be run without the use of a vehicle, and there are also a fair number of businesses in proximity. The public transit network in Miami is somewhat poor. Nevertheless, house renters are served by various rapid transit stations on the Metrorail. Residents can count on the Government Ctr.Station, Culmer Station and Coconut Grove Station with access to the Metrorail and Tri-Rail. There are over 50 bus lines traversing the municipality, and most properties are very close to a bus stop. In contrast, cars are a reasonably good medium of transportation in this municipality. It is easy to park.