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7 Peaceful Communities That Are Completely Car-Free

Imagine, if you can, a community without cars. While that may seem unlikely, it’s precisely...
Manasa Reddigari
house for sale in san clemente CA mobile home
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5 Jaw-Dropping Mobile Homes In Luxury Communities

Million-dollar luxury isn’t exactly what comes to mind when most people think of a trailer park. ...
Michelle Hainer
colorful houses rainbow row charleston sc
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Homes For Sale In Every Color Of The Rainbow

Walking along historic Rainbow Row in Charleston, SC — arguably the most photographed a...
Julie Davis
house for sale in oklahoma city ok
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These 5 Homes Will Raise Your Spirits

Pour yourself a cold one and kick up your feet. You’re about to go on the most amazing virtual ba...
Julie Davis
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big houses for sale in kilgore tx
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Big Homes, Little Prices (You CAN Buy A Lot For A Little)

Finding the perfect home can be a bit more challenging if your top priorities are maximum square ...
Brie Dyas
Doc Rivers' Home
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From Kobe to LeBron to Bosh, Inside the Homes of NBA All-Stars

When it comes to extravagance, NBA stars sure know how to live it up in luxurious style. And with...
Megan Johnson
cliffside homes
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Homes For Sale On The Edge Of A Cliff

Jaw-dropping? Try mic-dropping. Because the typical adjectives can’t quite capture that aha momen...
Julie Davis
home for sale in san jose ca
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Can A New Home Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution?

With features like horse stables and ballet studios, a home has become more than just a place to ...
Michelle Hainer