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Orangevale, CA Real Estate Insights

Orangevale is located in California.
While it is not advised you leave your front door unlocked, Orangevale's low crime rate will give you a sense of security within your own home.
Real estate prices rose 1.1 percent between last year and this year, Orangevale's average listing price is now $345,612. Inventory increased year-over-year, albeit minimally at 1.7 percent, from 60 to 61 listings. Nonetheless, a bigger scope allows buyers interested in this place more options when narrowing down their search based on personal criteria. Many of the homes in this city have swimming pools and they tend to be built-in pools which give the place a seamless look. The greenbelts near this area offer an extension to your outdoor living space, with chances to view wildlife. Indoor laundry rooms can be found in a number of homes in this vicinity; they are nice to have when the weather outside is less than ideal.