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11413 Real Estate Insights

ZIP code 11413 is located in Jamaica, New York.
Many people at ZIP code 11413 use public transportation as their favorite way to get around; there are easy-access stations and stops that will help you get where you are going.
One noticeable feature of ZIP code 11413 is that there are many more women than men who have chosen to live here. In this vicinity, the medium income is higher than average.
With an average listing price of $478,695, home prices in ZIP code 11413 dropped by 3 percent this year, but the marginal decline did little to the overall market. Meanwhile, number of for-sale homes on the market marginally increased 3.7 percent, from 108 to 112 listings. Some of the bathrooms in the homes around here are fully tiled, giving them a sleek and pristine look while still being practical. There are stainless steel appliances in various residential properties around ZIP code 11413; these appliances are very durable and add a professional touch to your kitchen. Shopaholics rejoice with the big closet spaces featured in these homes that let you keep your wardrobe organized.