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Leonardo, NJ Real Estate Insights

Leonardo is located in New Jersey.
The public transportation system near Leonardo is amazing and many people use it for their daily commute.
Last year, average home listing prices in Leonardo decreased 15.1 percent, perhaps reflecting the waning popularity of the local area. The average listing price this year is $322,110 from a previous $379,511. Meanwhile, inventory noticeably dropped by 15 percent, bringing the number of listings to a low 17 homes. Featuring in quite a few residential properties around Leonardo are granite kitchens that give the room a sophisticated look while remaining practical and durable. Every kid's dream is to have a swimming pool in their back yard, and as quite a few properties here come with one, this is the perfect area to make your kids happy and have fun summer after summer. The architecture of the various colonial-style homes in this city gives the place a remarkable, timeless beauty that you are sure to love.