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Adams Point Real Estate Insights

Adams Point is located in Oakland, California.

Anyone who enjoys delicious, professionally prepared meals should consider Adams Point - there are a number of exciting restaurants that have cuisines you might like, such as Mediterranean, sushi bars and Ethiopian. If you're looking for a fun night out here, you'll find plenty of places to socialize with friends or meet some new people. There are so many arts and entertainment places here, you'll have fun whatever your age. This neighborhood has so many options for fun activities, such as playing at the park, going to summer camps and boating, that it will be hard to choose what to do. Even if you enjoy evening walks, you won't feel afraid since Adams Point has a safe atmosphere. Public transportation is the favored way to get from or around this neighborhood, with many easy-to-access stations and stops helping you reach your destination. With everything so close, biking has become a big thing here, even for people on their daily commute.

Prepare yourself for a high turn around in the neighborhood as Adams Point has a low percentage of people who actually own their residences. This vicinity boasts a large number of residents with some kind of college-level degree. A lot of unmarried people live in Adams Point and there are lots of social activities for the singles to enjoy.

In Adams Point, the average home listing price grew year-over-year, via a 3.7 percent increase from $449,250 to $466,000. But, buyers starting their searches should be aware of declining inventory in this neighborhood. The number of homes for sale decreased 25 percent year-over-year, with 4 homes for sale in last year and 3 homes for sale in this year. The granite kitchens which feature in quite a few properties here give the room a sophisticated look while still being practical and durable. Quite a few of the homes around Adams Point have balconies, and it is not rare to see residents relaxing and enjoying a good drink on their balcony.