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Category: Remodel & Renovate

3 min read

Soaking Tub vs Clawfoot Tub? The Home Features People Want Right Now

Just like with fashion, home trends come and go. And though it’s easy to realize in retrospect th...
Elise Craig
inexpensive home improvement projects
5 min read

10 High-Impact Home Improvements You Can Do for $10K or Less

For all the focus we put on transactions — buying and selling — the truth is that for most of you...
7 Kitchen Upgrades Under $5K That Boost Home Values
5 min read

7 Kitchen Upgrades Under $5K That Increase Home Values

It’s likely you spend much of your time at home in your kitchen, cooking, entertaining friends ov...
sisters sitting on edge of backyard pool home upgrade
3 min read

5 Home Upgrades That Won’t Add Value

If you’re hoping to increase your home’s value (above and beyond the cost of an upgrade itself), ...
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home renovation brooklin heirloom blog
6 min read

This Couple Is Restoring The Home Their Ancestors Built In 1850

It was a somewhat monumental task: renovate and restore a 166-year-old home on the coast of Maine...
Essential tools toolbox
2 min read

15 Home Improvement Tools Every DIY Newbie Needs

One of the first purchases you should make as a newly minted renter or homeowner is a toolbox sto...
best home improvements for resale w ROI
5 min read

The Most Rewarding Fall Home Improvement Projects, Ranked For ROI

Fall is the season for posting apple-picking photos on Instagram, enjoying pumpkin spice–flavored...
when do i need a permit for renovating
4 min read

8 DIY Projects That (Surprise!) Require Permits

Permit requirements are just ways for the city to nickel-and-dime you to death, right? Is your ci...