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Author: Dina Hanna

4 min read

7 Reasons Locals Love Coastal Virginia

If you’ve always dreamed of having a sunny beach near home, you’ll find what you̵...
Dina Hanna
summer cooling snow cone
2 min read

7 Ways to Cut Cooling Costs this Summer

It may be the season of beach towels and poolside relaxation, but beating the heat indoors is a l...
Dina Hanna
3 min read

Should I Live in Downtown Chicago or the Suburbs?

The beautiful Midwestern city by Lake Michigan goes by many names: the Windy City, Chi-Town, and ...
Dina Hanna
buying first home san francisco
4 min read

How to Buy Your First Home in San Francisco

Preparing to buy a home can be an intimidating prospect, especially in an extremely competitive m...
Dina Hanna
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Local Love! San Diego Real Estate Edition
5 min read

Local Love! San Diego Edition

San Diego, CA, one of the largest coastal cities in the United States, is the second-largest city...
Dina Hanna
New York City Real Estate
10 min read

Local Love! New York City Edition

The Big Apple has always been known for its 24/7 lifestyle, the iconic skyline, and the patterned...
Dina Hanna
san antonio real estate local info
11 min read

Local Love! San Antonio Edition

While known for the Alamo and other missions, San Antonio, TX, is an up-and-coming city with all ...
Dina Hanna
boston real estate told by locals
5 min read

Local Love! Boston Edition

Boston, MA, is one of America’s oldest cities, and with a large historical factor it brings diver...
Dina Hanna