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Local Love! Boston Edition

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Considering a move to Boston? See what locals have to say about what makes their city great.

Boston, MA, is one of America’s oldest cities, and with a large historical factor it brings diversity, culture, and entertainment to every neighborhood. The busy city played a crucial role in the American Revolution, which you can trace along the Freedom Trail. The 2.5-mile walking tour passes through historic sites that tell the story of our nation’s beginnings. A short bus or train ride away is Harvard University, where students and tourists alike can be seen strolling about or reading a book under a canopy of large trees.

These historic and lively sites give Boston a unique space for residents, who can access any neighborhood by jumping on a number of different commuter lines, making Beantown a commuter haven. With Boston’s average listing price at $442,500, and a number of booming neighborhoods to choose from, Boston, MA, real estate is affordable, and the city offers homebuyers plenty of options.

Often, the top factors for homebuyers are the surrounding amenities. For families looking for activities to enjoy with their kids, the Boston Children’s Museum, the New England Aquarium, and Swan Boat rides in the Boston Common would interest all ages. If you’re looking for green space to play with children or dogs, or for a scenic run, almost every neighborhood in Boston has at least one park.

Bostonians are at no disadvantage when it comes to nightlife. The city offers a number of late-night options, from dance clubs to quieter piano bars, close to neighborhoods with affordable rents (an average monthly cost of $800 to $1,200).

The culture in Boston is highly diverse. All types of personalities find their way here for a fun, active, and history-influenced experience. But with so much to learn when moving to a new city, sometimes the best way to get to know a place is to hear from the locals themselves. Check out what Bostonians have to say about living in their city!

What is your city’s source of pride?

“Well, we are known for being a sports town; we take our teams very seriously. We are known for our ‘Boston Attitude,’ our tough and resilient ways, our pride in our city.” — John Romard, Boston Attitude

“The people for sure. We have a lot of young, smart individuals from all backgrounds, characters, and affiliations who come here to work and study. This makes for a very diverse populace, which translates into some very interesting things like neat restaurants and bars as well as events and shows.” — Jeremy Krantz, Craft Beer Boston

If you’re a transplant, what brought you to Boston? If you’re a native, why do you stay?

“I moved to Boston to attend law school. Now that I’ve graduated, I’ve decided to stay here permanently because I love this city so much.” — Terry-Ann, Accidentally Adulting

“Boston is a big yet a small city, it’s walkable, it’s fun, and offers so much to do.” — John Romard, Boston Attitude

What sets Boston apart from other New England metros?

“Boston has a little bit of everything for everyone. There’s a great nightlife, great sports, a bunch of fun spots for college students, and awesome restaurants.” — Terry-Ann, Accidentally Adulting

“Boston is the hub for New England; our transportation, waterfront, and college/university population make us a great spot for startups and new businesses.” — John Romard, Boston Attitude

What makes you a true Bostonian?

“My horrible driving.” — Terry-Ann, Accidentally Adulting

“I was born here, I live here. I know our history and enjoy our food, sports, and life.” — John Romard, Boston Attitude

What is Boston’s best-kept secret?

“Definitely Sweet Cheeks. It is the best barbecue spot in the whole city!” — Terry-Ann, Accidentally Adulting

“The Mapparium near the Christian Science Center is a frequently overlooked tourist attraction. It’s a 3-story-tall globe made of stained glass that is viewed from a 30-foot-long bridge through its interior. Built in 1935, it is well worth the detour if you want to do something unique.” — Jeremy Krantz, Craft Beer Boston

What advice would you give to those moving to Boston?

“We are really nice people; you can ask anyone for help, and we love to help outsiders out. However, when on the train, take your backpack off so it doesn’t hit anyone.” — John Romard, Boston Attitude

“Learn how to use your GPS or navigational app. Our roads don’t make sense, and Boston is the exact opposite of a grid. Nothing makes much sense, and finding your way around can be difficult at times. On the upside, walking is a real treat, and the views along the Charles River are pretty damn amazing!” — Jeremy Krantz, Craft Beer Boston

What, in your opinion, is the most up-and-coming neighborhood in your city?

“The most up-and-coming neighborhood is definitely Chelsea. It’s still a little rough around the edges. But it’s by the water and five minutes away from Boston. I’m positive it’s the next Charlestown.” — Terry-Ann, Accidentally Adulting

“The Seaport District: It’s like a game of SimCity with new construction. Every year, it’s bigger and with more to do.” — John Romard, Boston Attitude

Where can you find the best seafood in Boston?

“The old [Union] Oyster House in the North End.” — Terry-Ann, Accidentally Adulting

“OK, you have me in the hot seat. We are known for our seafood, so most places have a great menu. If I have to name names, I’d say Legal Sea Foods, Row 34, Select Oyster Bar, and Union Oyster House are my go-to places to take people.” — John Romard, Boston Attitude

What’s your favorite weekend activity in or around Boston?

“Paddleboarding on the Charles River is so much fun!” — Terry-Ann, Accidentally Adulting

“I love visiting breweries in and around Boston. There are new ones opening all the time, and three are in the works as we speak (Bone Up, Lamplighter, and Exhibit ‘A’). There are also some very nicely established ones like Trillium, Harpoon, Night Shift, [and] Jack’s Abby, just to name a few. The beer scene here is awesome and always changing!” — Jeremy Krantz, Craft Beer Boston

Have you considered a move to Boston, MA? Share your thoughts on Boston real estate in the comments below!

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