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Wadsworth, IL Real Estate Insights

Wadsworth is a city located in Illinois.

As a testament to the quality and popularity of Wadsworth, many homes here are occupied by the owners rather than rented out. College-educated neighbors are almost a surety when you live in this city, as it has become a popular location for graduates in recent years. When it comes to affluence, residents in this place tend to be richer.

Last year, average home listing prices in Wadsworth decreased 7.5 percent, perhaps reflecting the waning popularity of the local area. The average listing price this year is $315,866 from a previous $341,615. During the same period, number of homes for sale increased slightly year-over-year by 4.1 percent, from 73 to 76 listings, allowing buyers more wiggle room in their searches. Houses in this city normally have a family room, providing a special space for your family to gather and spend time together. Various houses in Wadsworth incorporate walk-in closets which are ideal for people who want to store their belongings in an orderly fashion. Maple kitchen cabinets are an asset to many homes in this city; their light tones and distinct style make for a dream kitchen.