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    Turnersville, NJ Real Estate Insights

    Turnersville is located in New Jersey.

    With most of the homes having homeowner occupants, Turnersville is a place where people show pride in taking care of their yards and homes.

    Keep in mind, home values are aggressively growing in Turnersville, with a year-over-year average listing price increase of a whopping 26.6 percent. The average listing price this year is now at $161,014. Meanwhile, inventory noticeably dropped by 22.2 percent, bringing the number of listings to a low 7 homes. The walk-in closets that come with many of the homes around Turnersville will serve you well if you have a lot of clothes, linen, and other things to store away. Due to the fact that a good portion of homes around here have pools, neighborhood fun and sun parties happen on a regular basis. Some residential properties in Turnersville feature powder rooms which help to minimize the fights over bathroom space while families try to get out the door in the morning.