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Essexville, MI Real Estate Insights

Essexville is located in Michigan.
This year, the average listing price grew to $103,130 in Essexville, a noticeable appreciation of 7.3 percent from $96,087 the year prior. Simultaneously, the number of homes on the market slightly fell from 30 to 27 - but buyers still have a fair share of homes to vet. A handful of residential properties in Essexville come with swimming pools, so you can splash around with the kids and their friends, or host the best pool party your neighbors have seen. It is quite common to see a yard in this vicinity beautifully landscaped so that the outside of the home matches the beauty of the inside. A handful of homes around here come with gas fireplaces so you can enjoy a cozy, quiet evening by the fire without the trouble of lighting wood and keeping it going all evening.