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66106 Real Estate Insights

ZIP code 66106 is located in Kansas City, Kansas.
In ZIP code 66106, the average listing price is currently at $119,526 this year. However, this figure represents a noticeable 18.1 percent drop from the year prior, and declining prices could help new buyers enter the market more comfortably in the near future. In the meantime, the local for-sale market inventory slightly declined 10.9 percent last year to reach 49 for-sale listings. Walk-in closets are an incredibly convenient way to store and access your belongings, and you'll find them in a fair number of homes around ZIP code 66106. Homes in this vicinity typically feature family rooms, allowing families to relax and spend time together. Residents who have young children or animals will be happy to know that many of the homes around here have beautiful and low-maintenance hardwood floors.