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33813 Real Estate Insights

ZIP code 33813 is located in Lakeland, Florida.
You will note than an above-average median income exists in ZIP code 33813.
With [an average listing price of $321,835], home prices in ZIP code 33813 dropped by 2.9 percent this year, but the marginal decline did little to the overall market. In the meantime, the local for-sale market inventory slightly declined 8.1 percent last year to reach 217 for-sale listings. Kitchen cabinets in some of ZIP code 33813's homes are made of solid wood; a sturdy feature that gives the room a classic, homey feeling. Some residential properties in this location feature screened pools which let you enjoy the feeling of being outdoors but help keep the area clean and free from bugs. A number of the properties in ZIP code 33813 have a laundry room that incorporates a washer, dryer, and ironing space.