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ZIP code 06002 is located in Bloomfield, Connecticut.
The percentage of men in ZIP code 06002 is lower than average.
In ZIP code 06002, the [average listing price is $263,025] this year, a small 4.5 percent drop from the year prior. At the same time, inventory decreased marginally year-over-year by 7.1 percent, but a wide range of homes for sale stood on the market in this year with 130 listings for sale throughout this vicinity. The ranch-style homes that dominate this location feature the gorgeous roofs and low-to-the-ground profile that have made them a timeless architectural beauty. You won't have to struggle with outdated plumbing and fixtures as many of the homes in this locale have remodeled bathrooms. The generous storage space offered by the walk-in closets in the homes around here is ideal for couples and families who want to stay organized.