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01730 Real Estate Insights

ZIP code 01730 is located in Bedford, Massachusetts.
The percentage of college-educated adults in ZIP code 01730 is on the higher side. People who live in this place tend to have higher incomes, according to known data.
During the same period, inventory is noticeably increasing in ZIP code 01730 year-over-year, with a 17.2 percent increase in for-sale listings last year alone. If you have an extensive collection of clothes, you needn't worry about storage space as many of the homes in this location have spacious walk-in-closets. Quite a few homes around this area have formal living rooms that make a perfect setting for hosting parties for family and friends. Certain residential properties in this locale have kitchens with a center island which is not only a useful feature for cooking but provides a place for people to gather and chat while the meal is being prepared.