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Selah School District
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Selah, WA 98942
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Selah High School
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Great school - college focused and high graduation rate!
Posted by a parent on 3/16/2017
i attended Selah schools until 9th grade until i moved to a different school. My education was below standard and I learned I had to take classes below my grade. I also almost experienced a culture shock because of the diversity and opportunities that my new school offered. I was pleasantly surprised and last year i attended Selah high school for my senior year. There was extreme favoritism to student involved in after-school activities such as ASB, Sports, cheer leading, etc. The counselors showed little regard for any other student. I am disappointed and if i ever had a child he/she would not attend this school.
Posted by a student on 9/7/2016
I attended Selah High School between 2001-2004 and honestly I have no idea how I graduated. Before attending different colleges in my search for a career, I wasn t unable to form a sentence correctly and, even simple mathematical skills were amiss. I somehow was lost in the school system. I was never forced to repeat a grade throughout my attendance and, my little brother was able to get to his sophomore year without being able to read. I place blame on our lack of parental guidance and the lack of Selah s Schools as a whole. My mother (our only active parent) was in no way influential in the community and truly I can think of one or two teachers that cared enough to try with me. I know that I was painfully shy so I could have fooled teachers into thinking that I was learning and keeping up or maybe they assumed that I would be like the majority of my class mates and, mass produce while living off of the government. I am now looking to move back to WA and I am searching for a good school district for my potential child to attend. I am rating this school 2 stars because of the two teachers who made a difference and, are no longer there.
Posted by a community member on 9/22/2013
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