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Union High School

3 reviews
School District
Duchesne District
135 North Union Street
Roosevelt, UT 84066
(435) 725-4525

Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence (SAGE)

Union High School
Based on data from the 2018 school year

Community Reviews

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My daughter was constantly harrassed by other students there this year, and nothing was ever done. I decided to remove her from Union to do alternative schooling. It seems like the administration at Union do not consistently do anything-discipline included. My daughter said there weren't consequences for anything. She said the kids bullying her got away with everything at Union. Times I went to the school during class hours, halls were often full of wandering students just goofing off. Go see it for yourself! My daughter's teachers seemed to care about her. Maybe they weren't backed up either. At least one of them brought the bullying to my attention. The school seems to be a complete mess. My daughter also said her classes didn't have enough textbooks for everyone. We saw in the paper that Union failed miserably on the SAGE Test this year, which seems to be a "beast," but other nearby schools passed it. ? Something isn't going right over there...
Posted by a parent on 5/11/2015
Union has gone to the dogs. No more ambition in the students for after school activities. everyone stands around at dances. underfunded sports, athletes hardly care either. their region is full of private recruiting schools which isn't fair. teachers are sarcastic and dry. a depressing place if you ask me. i hardly have any motivation to get up in the morning.
Posted by a student on 7/1/2012
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