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Oasis Elementary School

8 reviews
73175 El Paseo
Twentynine Palms, CA 92277
(760) 367-3595

Community Reviews

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Good. Fair, patient with children with learning differences and promote positive learning perspectives
Posted by a parent on 8/29/2018
The principal seems nice. She seems to care about the school. She seems disorganized distracted & overworked a good portion of the time. I've had good experiences with the ladies in the front office even though I have seen that they are no nonsense which isn't always received well by adults. Most of the teachers that are at Oasis seem friendly and nice. The teachers aren't interested in enhancing the "community" experience. There are a very few that go above and beyond. There aren't anywhere near the after school programs as there used to be at Oasis. The PTO is a mess. It is a clique that doesn't allow anyone other than themselves to have a vote in any procedings. No official members and no public rules or bylaws.
Posted by a parent on 3/8/2016
Teachers always trying to find ways to improve children's learning . Very safe school .
Posted by a community member on 2/23/2016
I rated this school a four primarily because of my daughter's 5th grade teacher and the principal. Ms. Gomez, who sadly retired this past year, was the best teacher my high functioning autistic child has ever had. She was firm while being supportive. My daughter did well under her. I have only had a few interactions with the principal, Ms. Swain, but she seems to genuinely care about the well being of the students. I do agree with some previous posts that there is little emphasis on Science and Social Studies. However, I found this to be the same at Condor Elementary. There is a lady in the front office that lacks a positive skill set when interacting with children. She was rude to my child several times. If it continues this school year, I will not hesitate to file a complaint. But overall, I am impressed with the integrity and supportive nature of the 5th grade teaching staff (all 3 of them) and the principal.
Posted by a parent on 8/21/2014
Oasis I believe is one of the better schools in this area. I have two children that go here, a boy and a girl, and its the luck of the draw for a good teacher. there are wonderful teachers here, but some, should perhaps be better suited to teach crafts at a prison rather then school aged children. the staff is somewhat pleasant, but don't seem to always know what to do. If you're nice they will be nice, just ignore the underhanded rudeness get what you need and go. this new principal seems really caring, passionate and genuinely concerned. as a parent you have to supplement their education with economics, history and science. And teach your children to stick up for themselves i've heard my children complain about the duty teachers yelling, being rude, and playing favorites. their lunch time is rushed and with constant yelling. Also it seems that if a child gets in trouble, or labeled as a "bully", their labels are not forgotten. It is sad to hear my son talk about a fellow classmate that always gets in trouble, he seems like he is a very troubled kid and perhaps need counseling.
Posted by a parent on 1/31/2013

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