Millville Elementary School

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8570 Brookdale Road
Millville, CA 96062
(530) 547-4471

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Student to teacher ratios are very low, rarely over 20:1. Parents are involved and students are all well mannered and polite. The peer buddy program lets the older kids build their self confidence while they help the younger kids. The younger kids in turn feel more accepted and confident.
Posted by a parent on 10/17/2016
Millville School is a terrific small school. Nestled between ranchlands and pastures, it offers kids and parents a friendly, welcoming and warm environment. The setting only enhances the beauty of this school where education comes first, but so does the well-being of each child. A great school!
Posted by a parent on 4/2/2014
Millville Elementary School is in the small town of MIllville, CA. We may be a small school, but we are big in academics. We have API scores of over 900 and has earned the honor of being a California Distinguished School. Our principal Mrs. DeSantis is very hands on, she works tireless hours for the good of our children. There is not a student in the school whose name she does not know and she greets them everyday. The teaching staff is outstanding as well, they strive to help the students reach their full potential. My son has attended Millville since he was 3 years old, starting with 2 years in preschool and he is in the second grade now. I am very pleased with how his education is progressing. I am a proud Millville Parent!
Posted by a parent on 10/8/2013
It is with immeasurable enthusiasm that I write a review for Millville Elementary School in Shasta County, CA. Millville School has climbed to the top of the list of best schools in Shasta County, receiving two California Distinguished School awards in 2008 and 2012 along with stellar STAR test scores year after year. Millville School offers abundant educational opportunities with a goal of improving each students' educational and social experience. At Millville School good instructional practices are the norm along with guiding each student in finding areas and talents that are relevant to their specific and individual needs. Extra-curricular programs remain an integral part of the student's experience at Millville School, offering programs such as art, music, library, GATE, elective classes and computer lab. Special events are scheduled through out the year that support the classroom curriculum. Millville School is an exceptional school where every student is treated as an individual, where all children know themselves to be unique and precious. I am so proud to be a part of this exceptional school and pleased to write a review for Millville School a truly GREAT SCHOOL.
Posted by a parent on 10/8/2013
Millville Elementary School is small school with a big sense of community. Our family has been privileged to have three children attend Millville. Two of our children attended kindergarten through eighth grade and we currently have another in the second grade. Each of our children have different academic strengths, and sometimes, academic weaknesses. Those academic strengths have been fostered at Millville and my children were encouraged to attain even higher academic success. When my children struggled, they were given the personal instruction necessary to help them overcome the obstacle and I received the support I needed from the teaching staff to assist them at home. Along with measurable academic achievement, Millville provides many opportunities for leadership and character development, promotes appreciation for art and music, embraces technology and supports a plethora of sports opportunities. But Millville's greatest strength, in my opinion, is the sense of community. The administration, teachers and staff work in partnership with parents and families to provide the best educational experience possible for each and every student. We truly are a team!
Posted by a parent on 10/7/2013

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