Toltec Middle School

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3315 North Toltec Road
Eloy, AZ 85131
(520) 466-2360

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Parents, avoid this school at all costs. Your kids deserve better.
Posted by a parent on 9/28/2018
Toltec's Supt. is a pig and a fool who respects no one and no one respects him. Neither students, parents, or teachers/staff respect the leadership as he gives no respect to anyone. He runs the District by fiat, and is running it into the ground. Not the place for a quality education. Bad managment, bad leadership leads to a bad District, unhappy employees, unhappy parents, and unhappy/unsuccessful students.
Posted by a teacher on 10/3/2014
this school has no place for kids who are ahead of everyone else the g.a.t.e.s program sucks and we do nothing but sit and do nothing. a fifth grade girl in the program is most likely smarter than all of us she's pretty smart , never gets in any trouble and I mean ever and she hasn't even got a good job or anything from teachers.we all feel real bad and that's how our school works
Posted by a community member on 4/13/2014
After going to this school since kindergarten I believe that The Elementary School is a great and well staffed school, but, Toltec Middle School where I am currently at 4 days away from graduation. TMS is a little behind in academics but they have lots of other great programs. This school is extremely lacking on the little important things for students including,Bathroom Locks, Soap, Toilet Paper, Staff ( not enough teachers to adiquitly give students what they need. They have a great principal but the people below him are unqualified. I feel this quote greatly describes Toltec's Staff "Those who can't Teach"
Posted by a community member on 5/16/2012
I am in 8th grade and have been going sinc 5th. This school is poor... There is no locks on the bathroom stalls and bathrooms ared gross, barbeed wire fence around the school, the school looks like creap, The academics are behind. The disiplin is horible, the teachers will write you up for anything thinking you will change. if you are in a fight and you use self defnese you get in treated the same. This school is horrible and cant wait to get out!!
Posted by a community member on 7/30/2010

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