Heartland Ranch Elementary School

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1667 West Caroline Street
Coolidge, AZ 85128
(520) 424-2100

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Terrible. My son went here for Kindergarten. I walked into the classroom for meet the teacher night, and everything was labeled around the room. Great for K kids to learn. Except half of them were spelled incorrectly! Ex. calendar was spelled calender, attendance was spelled attendence. How can a teacher get through college without knowing how to spell simple words they use daily? I had him moved to another class, next teacher was almost as bad. My son was more advanced and would get very bored. The teacher called me daily about his behavior. I told her he needed to be challenged, he already knew how to read and spell, the other kids couldn't even recognize letters. Halfway through the year they tested him for the gifted program, except they don't put kids in the gifted program until 2nd grade. He tested gifted in all areas but pointless if they don't change anything. Finally with my insistence they began giving him higher level work, eventually sending him to 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms. The teacher remarked how much better his behavior was. All I could think was how much time they wasted that he could have been learning. Pulled him out after K, doing much better in new school.
Posted by a parent on 12/24/2012
staff is great!They are very accomidating and care.Attitudes are positive and even the students are very good with My special needs child.The office staf are always very helpful
Posted by a parent on 11/19/2010
outstanding .staff is very approachable and they all care.The IEP team addresses all concern.Principal Arroyos is very approachable and will always make the time for me.
Posted by a parent on 11/19/2010
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