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SAN FRANCISCO, September 17th, 2014 –Trulia (NYSE: TRLA) a leading online marketplace for home buyers, sellers, renters, and real estate professionals, will now provide an option for mortgage lenders and agents to share marketing expenses through joint advertising on Trulia, generating valuable exposure for both with home buyers. With the new feature, an agent and lender agree to co-market together on Trulia. Trulia profiles for the agent and lender are linked to allow exposure alongside each other on Trulia and billing is split based on the agreed upon percentage.

“How agents invest their marketing dollars is essential to their success. By adding the co-marketing feature, we are helping agents take their investment on Trulia further, while enabling them to provide more value to their clients,” said Dan Hang, Vice President of Business Products, Trulia. “Agents and lenders who co-market together gain additional exposure while also providing both home search and financing services to new clients they meet on Trulia.”

The co-marketing feature is designed to generate value for multiple groups, including consumers, agents, brokers, and lenders in the following ways:

  • Consumers can access leading agents and lenders all in one place.
  • Agents are able to increase their exposure on Trulia.
  • Lenders get the chance to co-market with agents and generate additional exposure on Trulia with home buyers.
  • Brokers and franchisors build their local brand presence through agents using the feature.

An agent and a lender can share up to 50% of a new advertising order, and the frequency with which the lender will appear on Trulia is proportional to the lender’s spend.  Agents can co-market with one lender or multiple lenders.  And they can either maintain current spend levels or increase their investment on Trulia to increase visibility in specific areas.

When lenders co-market with an agent on Trulia they appear on the agent’s featured listings and profile page, in front of Trulia’s large consumer audience, which hit 57 million unique visitors in July of 2014. There is no limit to the number of agents that a lender can partner with, meaning the more co-marketing relationships a lender has, the more exposure the lender will generate.  In addition to the exposure, lenders can also receive leads from Trulia if consumers request a loan pre-qualification in a market where the lender has partnered with an agent.

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