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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — FEB. 12, 2008 – Love is in the air as couples prepare to celebrate this upcoming Valentine’s Day, especially if their homes have the right features. Trulia (, the best place to start a real estate search, polled Trulia Voices, its online community, to find out what features couples think are the most important to have in their home in order to maintain a happy, loving and passionate relationship.

The Top 10 features to ensure love lasts, according to the Trulia Voices community include:

1.    Dual sinks in the master bath
2.    Jacuzzi tub made for two
3.    His and Hers closets
4.    A “man” room for his stuff
5.    A large kitchen island
6.    A bedroom big enough for a king size bed
7.    Water views for sunrises and sunsets
8.    Bright and airy spaces
9.    Storage, storage, storage
10.    Fireplace

“Home is where the heart is, as well as a lot of the drama that comes with relationships,” said Heather Fernandez, Vice President of Marketing, Trulia.  “We found that couples, new and old, need a balance of features in their home.  Some features that allow them to spend quality time together, but also individual space so they aren’t constantly tripping over one another.”

What people are saying:

   • “Without a doubt, dual sinks. A second bathroom is always nice, but that second sink in the master bathroom would be a godsend.”
   • “I have been married for 16 years and I think the most important feature is some private space. It could be a room, a garage, even a desk that is an exclusive space.”
   • “A good-size bathroom is crucial and a Jacuzzi tub that fits at least two would be fun.”
   • “I like open spaces and open floor plans. I can then carry on with my household projects and hobbies, and look up at charming glances I get from my partner at any time, while she carries on with hers.”
   • “If movies and TV have taught me anything, it’s that a bear skin rug and a fireplace (maybe some candles, too) are the key to keeping the magic alive.”
   • “A water bed. As fewer water beds have been sold, the divorce rate has gone up.”

What Trulia provides:

   • Trulia has revolutionized real estate search by offering a rich, intuitive user experience to help consumers find homes for sale, track local price trends and neighborhood data at the hyper-local level. 
   • Trulia Voices, the largest real estate community on the Web, allows home buyers, sellers, agents and real estate enthusiasts to ask questions, receive advice and blog on topics such as the buying and selling process, foreclosures, refinancing and more.
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