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Trulia Finds Key to 'Recession Proof' a Home

SAN FRANCISCO, March 20 /PRNewswire/ —, the best place to start a real estate search, released a study today indicating that purchasing a home with excellent local schools helps buffer the home from industry downturns. Trulia has analyzed its proprietary real estate data and newly incorporated information on over 125,000 schools and 14,000 districts and found that despite the economic downturn in the real estate market, homes with highly rated local schools across the nation generally maintain or increase their value.

In addition, Trulia has leveraged that data and has solicited on-the-ground feedback from experts on Trulia Voices, Trulia’s Real Estate Q&A community, to uncover several cities in major metropolitan areas throughout the U.S. where relative bargains can still be found in cities where the schools receive an education rating of 9 or higher on a 10 point scale, based on standardized test scores as reported by the Department of Education for each state.

“In this uncertain economy, people are really searching for ways to ensure the big purchases they make are going to be sound,” said Pete Flint, co-founder and CEO of Trulia. “Despite the tough housing market, there are still areas throughout the country where potential buyers can purchase a home with confidence that not only will their home maintain or grow its value, but their family will also receive a top-notch public education.”

Trulia identified nine markets that are a representative cross section of the U.S. that combine high quality public elementary schools and a history of maintaining or increasing value despite a weak economic climate with relative affordability.

Included below is a list of the markets, along with median list prices for the major city within each market, as well as three “educational value” areas that are within 50 miles of the core city. The first alternate city in each list is the Trulia Pick — the city with the best combination of value and local elementary education in a given market. Median list prices are for March 2008, and year-over-year change is from March 2007 to March 2008.

  Boise, ID
  Median List: $317,576
  Increase: 2%
  School Ranking: 7
  Alternate City                         Median List               Increase
  Garden City, ID                        $334,900                  10%
  Meridian, ID                           $279,100                  0%
  Eagle, ID                              $529,900                  12%
  Boston, MA
  Median List: $379,900
  Increase: -24%
  School Ranking: 2
  Alternate City                         Median List               Increase
  Swampscott, MA                         $459,000                  15%
  Sudbury, MA                            $729,450                  1%
  Hingham, MA                            $749,950                  4%
  Chicago, IL
  Median List: $334,900
  Increase: -4%
  School Ranking: 3
  Alternate City                         Median List               Increase
  LaGrange, IL                           $440,000                  4%
  Valparaiso, IN                         $259,000                  6%
  River Forest, IL                       $575,000                  2%
  Dallas, TX
  Median List: $235,000
  Increase: 19%
  School Ranking: 4
  Alternate City                         Median List               Increase
  Melissa, TX                            $223,990                  13%
  Celina, TX                             $317,450                  63%
  Allen, TX                              $369,740                  6%
  Los Angeles, CA
  Median List: $599,000
  Increase: -20%
  School Ranking: 4
  Alternate City                         Median List               Increase
  Los Alamitos, CA                       $709,900                  15%
  Topanga, CA                            $1,075,000                8%
  Calabasas, CA                          $1,599,000                18%
  New York, NY
  Median List: $1,075,000
  Increase: 25%
  School Ranking: 4
  Alternate City                         Median List               Increase
  Basking Ridge, NJ                      $724,950                  15%
  Lebanon, NJ                            $799,450                  33%
  Larchmont, NY                          $1,125,000                49%
  Philadelphia, PA
  Median List: $199,900
  Increase: 0%
  School Ranking: 2
  Alternate City                         Median List               Increase
  Collegeville, PA                       $379,900                  7%
  Havertown, PA                          $315,000                  0%
  Royersford, PA                         $268,000                  1%
  San Francisco, CA
  Median List: $799,500
  Increase: -6%
  School Ranking: 6
  Alternate City                         Median List               Increase
  Walnut Creek, CA                       $505,000                  12%
  Moraga, CA                             $799,000                  0%
  Pleasanton, CA                         $859,000                  2%
  Washington, DC
  Median List: $434,000
  Increase: -4%
  School Ranking: 5
  Alternate City                         Median List               Increase
  Huntingtown, MD                        $579,900                  4%
  Pomfret, MD                            $414,900                  1%
  Bethesda, MD                           $1,025,000                21%

The release of this data underscores the unique advantage Trulia offers consumers. The site’s mix of extensive listings information coupled with powerful search capabilities have made Trulia the fastest growing real estate website, according to ComScore. Trulia has recently introduced several new features that further enhance the site’s search function including search by keyword, advanced search by lot size and year built, and open homes search.

The research findings coincide with the addition of extensive education information on, including data on over 125,000 schools and 15,000 school districts to help consumers with their home buying decisions. The education information includes education ratings and more than 250,000 parent reviews and can be found in Trulia’s city and neighborhood guides as well as on every property page, helping home buyers better understand the quality of schools surrounding each of the over 2 million homes on Trulia. School data incorporated into Trulia’s site is provided by OnBoard and compiled from the National Center for Education Statistics,, and the Department of Education for each state.

Trulia is one of the most popular sites on the web for real estate and has approximately 4 million unique monthly visitors and over 2 million real estate listings across the country. For more information about Trulia or to experience the power of a Trulia search, please visit For more information on Trulia’s education research, please visit

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