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The Homes of Will & Grace: Past & Future

With a Will & Grace reboot confirmed, Trulia takes a look at our favorite sitcom homes from the 90s and scouts potential pads for the reboot.

With the reboot of Will and Grace confirmed today, it’s starting to feel like 1998 again! Or at least we feel major 90’s nostalgia: the days of making plans around the Thursday night lineup and enviously longing to live in an apartment like our favorite sitcom stars. To bring back those 90’s vibes, Trulia decided to take a look at some of our favorite 90’s sitcoms and what their apartments would really cost in the 2017 market.

No one had an apartment as cool as Will and Grace, so in honor of their reunion, Trulia looked at what the pair’s awesome apartment would cost in the 2017 reboot rental market…

Although Grace could work her design magic in any space, her Upper West Side apartment was a good start. The building, located at 155 Riverside Drive in New York City, comes with a steep price tag in today’s market. According to Trulia data, the median rent today for a two bedroom, two bath unit like Will and Grace’s on the Upper West Side is $5,940. If Will and Grace are in the market for a new Upper West Side pad for the reboot, here are a few we suggest!

Option 1: Columbus Avenue

Option 2: West 93rd Avenue

Talk about a nice apartment, the purple abode that belonged to Monica and Rachel from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is tough to beat. Two bedrooms, one bathroom, a giant living room, kitchen, balcony, a (messy) storage closet, it was always tough to believe that a waitress and a chef could afford this pricey pad. The exterior is located at 90 Bedford Street in New York, NY. Even with rent control, the average rent price for Greenwich village will cost you $4,229 per month for this size of an apartment.

And, of course, Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment seemed like a reasonable place to live. The show always cited 129 W. 81st in New York, NY, however this is not the actual external shot of his apartment from the show. Regardless, Jerry’s place was a nice pad on the Upper West Side, that seemed reasonable for the professional comedian. His one bedroom, one bath place in today’s market would run about $3,856 per month.

Are you planning on tuning in for the reboot? We definitely are!