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VIDEO: The Winner of Trulia’s Finders Keepers, Revealed!

Who won the freakin' house? Watch to find out.

It all started in September, when we asked if you wanted to win a prize the size of a freakin’ house.* (Trick question: of course you do.)

And so began the epic game of Trulia’s Finders Keepers. You came, you watched, you completed numerous — OK, maybe just five — video challenges, all in the hope that possibly you might make it to the final showdown. It probably also helped that our online partner Wayfair gave away tons of goodies just for playing.

Two lucky players won a trip to battle it out, Vegas style, in a high-stakes game of war at a top-secret, undisclosed location. (Also known as one of our builder partner KB Home’s brand-spanking-new properties.)

Who walked away from Finders Keepers victorious? Who won the freakin’ house? Is Irrelevant still popping big wheelies in the desert?