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2 min read

Most neighborly neighborhoods: Auburndale learns sign language for 2-year-old

Samantha Savitz is just like many other toddlers—she’s social, bubbly, and she loves a good...
2 min read

Spring 2019 homebuying and neighborhood guide

Finally, some good news for first-time home buyers: the housing market is starting to cool after ...
A woman who bought her evicted neighbor her house back.
2 min read

Woman buys house back for evicted neighbor

What would you do for your neighbor? The answer might say a lot about what it’s like to liv...
Trulia Age Map
2 min read

Does Your Neighbors’ Age Influence Your Home Value?

You may never have thought of housing in this way, but exploring the ages of the people where you...
Megan Ann Hansen, Meredith Arthur
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Everything you need to know about homebuying

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Most expensive listing in Tennessee
2 min read

The Priciest Homes For Sale in Every State

From tennis courts in Texas to infinity pools in Florida, these listings have it all – but ...
Leah Monteleone