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Trulia’s 12 Houses: 2016 Money Horoscope

Trulia 12 Houses Money Horoscope
Consider this year-at-a-glance financial forecast for 2016 as you plan out the year ahead.

The new year begins with lots of activity in Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, bringing with it the winds of indecision. Put this indecisiveness to work by diligently researching how to create the financial picture you’re striving for in 2016. Whether that’s cleaning up your credit so you can get a great rate on the mortgage for that home for sale in Charleston, SC, saving up for a home improvement project that will boost your home’s resale value, making intelligent choices on education or career advancement, or choosing strong investment opportunities, down the line, you’ll be glad you took the time to get everything in place.

2016 Money Horoscope Aries

ARIES: Aries wants everything now, now, now, but a little patience will go a long way in 2016. Channel that restless energy into a useful (and eventually fruitful!) project to help you move closer to making those yearlong financial goals a reality.

2016 year-ahead preview: This year, invest in bigger projects that take time and energy — perhaps some home improvement. There’s also action in your house of collaboration and partnership: Maybe time to find a partner to go halfsies on an investment property? Action in your house of higher education and mentorship means you should study up on how to accomplish your career and financial goals.

2016 Money Horoscope Taurus

TAURUS: Mercury moves backward in your sign this year, so let your intuition be your guide in 2016. A teaching or tutoring gig could boost your income early in the year, but be on the lookout for a quick-profit investment in midsummer that you’ll have to move on quickly.

2016 year-ahead preview: Developments are happening in your house of home and your living situation this year, Taurus. Are you thinking about moving to a new city or renting out a room in your house? If so, with Saturn in your house of taxes and debts this year, be sure to watch your financial reporting — or you’ll wish you had come tax time.

2016 Money Horoscope Gemini

GEMINI: Brace yourself, Gemini! This is a roller coaster of a year — your bank account will be safer if you keep hands and feet inside the ride at all times. Don’t make any hasty decisions; check in with a trusted friend or seek out a financial adviser before you sign.

2016 year-ahead preview: Your houses of learning and communication are full of energy; how can you put that thirst for knowledge to work to accomplish your financial goals? You also have supportive movement in your house of home and your living situation. Look for a slow, steady climb to building a business venture or investment project with a partner.

2016 Money Horoscope Cancer

CANCER: You have an interesting opportunity this year on the axis of learning and working. Are you thinking about going back to school or starting a hefty project (with an equally hefty payoff)? Go for it — but investigate thoroughly before you commit.

2016 year-ahead preview: Your 2016 motto is “Idea, inquire, initiate.” Planetary forces are at work in these areas of your life this year, so be sure to investigate thoroughly and step up when it feels right. For example: If you want to add a tap room to my home (idea), research related topics (inquire), and execute with certainty (initiate). Bonus points if this idea generates extra income!

2016 Money Horoscope Leo

LEO: You might like to party, dear Leo, but keep your wallet under lock and key in 2016. There are challenges in your money houses this year that could make you feel as if you’re flush one day and broke the next.

2016 year-ahead preview: Although 2016 might sound like a warning, there’s a moneymaking opportunity coming your way in August, a lucky chance at communication or schooling this fall, and with Saturn in your house of games and risk, it’s a great time to master investments. Making New Year’s resolutions? Add finding a great financial planner to your list.

2016 Money Horoscope Virgo

VIRGO: Earth signs are said to not like change, but you’re a crafty and adaptable Virgo, so this is your year to show the world that you have a tool in your belt for anything life throws your way.

2016 year-ahead preview: Hardworking Virgo has the determination and mastery needed to build a great home, from actually building a house to shaping up your credit — or even just organizing your apartment’s kitchen. There’s a chance you’ll decide to spend some of your hard-earned cash on a gorgeous vacation in late summer. And look out, because there will be plenty of opportunities to prove yourself, from an income-generating opportunity at the beginning of the year to another potential income boost in the fall (just be sure to pay close attention to the sacrifices you’ll have to make to achieve it).

2016 Money Horoscope Libra

LIBRA: An opportunity to collaborate on a project or business venture is coming this year, dear Libra, especially near the spring-equinox eclipse.

2016 year-ahead preview: In the cold months, research possibilities related to your home or living situation — then plan for your down payment or security deposit! Jupiter enters your sign in September and brings with it the optimism and buoyancy for the future. But beware: Your endless enthusiasm has the potential to take over. Find someone to bounce ideas off of in the fall, when you’ll really feel like the world is your oyster, because your motivation could lead to miscalculation.

2016 Money Horoscope Scorpio

SCORPIO: Visibility is poor in your houses of income, resources, risk, and investments all year — so watch those bank statements and credit reports closely and do extra research before jumping into new business ventures. But don’t fret; 2017 will be kinder if you take the time to be disciplined now.

2016 year-ahead preview: An acquaintance can help you reach your career and financial goals, so hone those networking skills in January and February. With Saturn taking up residence for a while, look into ways to master your budgeting skills and plug those invisible money leaks. But do take the time to scope out some relaxing vacation spots, looking for an affordable destination for late fall — and plan for the costs too so you don’t have to worry about credit card debt while you chill.

2016 Money Horoscope Sagittarius

SAGITTARIUS: Burdensome Saturn is looming in your sign this year and can give the sense that you’re spinning your wheels. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, so pair your natural Sagittarian inspiration and vision with the groundedness of Saturn to make something great.

2016 year-ahead preview: Audit your spending, income sources, and assets during the winter months and consider making a budget for yourself to reach those high mountain peaks, otherwise known as your life goals. Have you been deliberating a move out of the country or going back to school? Do it before the end of summer — and expect a huge promotion or expansion in your vocational house in late August. Don’t take a risk at the end of the year, despite how optimistic you’ll feel.

2016 Money Horoscope Capricorn

CAPRICORN: Change isn’t easy for a Capricorn, but don’t fret — you’re not on track for an eventful year, but you should consider the benefits of being flexible and open to change. Topics of interest for 2016 are those of learning, communication, vocations, and home.

2016 year-ahead preview: During the winter, take inventory of your assets and make plans to get closer to your financial goals. In spring, an equinoctial eclipse might throw a twist to your home or living situation. Once that settles, a game of tug-of-war fires up between the forces of your career and your home, so approach late fall striving for balance. Going to school, teaching a class, or publishing your own book are favorable activities for most of the year and culminate in August.

2016 Money Horoscope Aquarius

AQUARIUS: The lunar and solar eclipse cycles are beginning to shift into Aquarius. Eclipses are floods of signs, portents, and patterns and considered to be course correctors. This could spell out big chances and big changes for you this year and next.

2016 year-ahead preview: Focus this year on the house of community and goals, the house of others’ resources, and the house of higher education and long-distance travel. Watch your spending habits in 2016, and in the dark months, do some soul-searching. What steps can you take now — financial and otherwise — to get closer to reaching your dreams? In late August, you have a rare opportunity to attract a benefactor, but be clear on what you want to find them. If you are planning to sell your home, this could be the offer you’ve been waiting for.

2016 Money Horoscope Pisces

PISCES: Lunar and solar eclipses are powerful catalysts of change; you might have noticed this in 2015. Fuzzy ideals fence in your house of career and vocation at times during 2016. This year is your last chance to make transformations to long-held, outdated beliefs.

2016 year-ahead preview: This year, there is a lot of activity in your house of commitment and collaboration, in your house of vocation, and in your house of other people’s money. Are you looking to sell your home? Get your home staged before September and consider putting it on the market in December for a surprising result. A happenstance meeting, possibly in August, might reveal someone to partner up with in work or to collaborate with on a project. Let this person be your sounding board before making any career moves.