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Lifestyles of the Rich and Playful: The $6 Million Luxury Toy Mansion

Playmobil mansion for sale
Trulia put a real-world real estate value on the ultimate toy — the new PLAYMOBIL mansion.

A make-believe home hasn’t caused this much of a stir since Barbie herself settled in Malibu. Global toy manufacturer PLAYMOBIL has announced it’s officially on the hunt for a buyer of its Modern Luxury Mansion, a Bauhaus-style beauty estimated by Trulia to be worth a whopping $6,014,503.

Measuring 5,676 square feet, the two-floor toy home comes with a swimming pool and guesthouse. To find the real-life estimated price, the home was scaled up from its toy size to determine its value in multiple locations. And, well, they’ll all cost you a pretty penny.

While the luxury home certainly would be worth big bucks in the highly coveted Malibu, CA area, Trulia data point out that it wouldn’t be quite as pricey in other wealthy communities. In the desirable vacation area of the Hamptons outside New York City, the house was valued at just $4,788,269, while it was even more of a bargain in Miami, with a price tag of $1,627,313.

Playmobil Mansion

The smaller, real-life version of the Modern Luxury Mansion will hit stores this month and provides almost every amenity small people (or toy people made of plastic) could want. The master bedroom features a huge walk-in wardrobe and dressing room, with a hidden safe for all the owner’s plastic valuables.

In the kid’s room, a loft bed has a detachable slide so waking up for school in the morning is a lot more exciting. A gourmet eat-in kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances and a center island is perfect for any aspiring child chef, while the bathroom is a true taste of luxury, with a separate shower stall and tub, along with a large vanity. Additional amenities include a fitness room for busting a sweat, a spacious outdoor deck near the pool, and a modern living room with an entertainment center of the highest quality.

The PLAYMOBIL Modern Luxury Mansion will retail for $109.99 at Amazon and specialty retailers nationwide, with certain furniture and accessories sold separately.