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Trulia’s 2016 Celebrity Real Estate Quiz

Test Your Celebrity Knowledge!

2016 was filled with celebrity gossip, some famous feuds, and of course, some crazy real estate transactions. From the Kardashian/Jenner clan’s ever active real estate portfolios, to new baby homes, our favorite celebrities had quite the year. Test your celebrity real estate knowledge in Trulia’s 2016 real estate quiz!

Celebrity couples always seem to be have an abundance of stellar mansions. With double the star power, that often means double the income and the amount of real estate transactions. This year, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt take the cake with four real estate transactions. In 2016, the pair sold three properties across Los Angeles and purchased a stellar townhouse in Brooklyn. It will be difficult for another celebrity couple to top this in 2017!


Celebrities seem to buy homes left and right, but this year Kylie Jenner proved to be the queen of the home purchase. In addition to selling her starter home, Kylie scooped up three homes in the Hidden Hills! In total, the youngest Jenner, spent just under $20 million on houses in 2016.


While some designers make a business out of flipping homes, there are some stars who turn a pretty profit in the game. Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber recently listed a home they had purchased for $50.5 million for $60 million. In just 10 months, the couple is looking to bring in $9.5 million with the sale of the home.


Just like us, celebrities need to sell their homes and, sometimes, they make some serious cash on the resell. This year, David Arquette pulled in $1.345 million in just 23 months. Not a bad profit in less than two years’ time.


Celebrities are known for glitz and glam, so it makes sense that most have a stellar home to boot. This year, Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker snagged a townhouse in the West Village of New York for $34 million. Although Jennifer Lopez took a close second with her $28 million home in Los Angeles, Matt and SJP win the prize this year.

2016 was a big year in the celebrity real estate realm, how did you do on the quiz? Stay up to date on all celebrity transactions in 2017 on our celeb blog!