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3 Timeless Styles for Every Home

For help decorating your home, pick from our favorite timeless classics.

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Like fashion, interior design fads come and go. (Pastel porcelain tile bathrooms, anyone?)  The trick to not being swept up in the fury of short-lived trends is a combination of objective reasoning, self-awareness, and knowledge of the following classics that never get old. Figure out what’s best for you by picking your favorite timeless classics from our collection below.

1. Eclectic collection

This home style is essentially a hodgepodge of Mid-Century, contemporary, industrial, and traditional looks. The easiest of our three home suggestions to emulate, its mix-and-match style means you don’t have to stick to any one idea — use them all! Build a foundation with clean lines and organic materials, then add quirky details like purple walls or bright blue chairs to ensure your space is different from your singular-style-oriented neighbors’ rooms.

2. Contemporary/Modern minimalism

If you’re fed up with keeping up but still want a great-looking space, this look will work for you. Very clean, almost totally monochromatic white, and strategically pared down, this style is pretty easy to emulate. You can’t go wrong with a clean, blank slate that stays that way forever (no red wine allowed anywhere in the house, though!). Make sure to get rid of any and all clutter by organizing it into storage containers — or better yet, toss it! Brass accents and statement pieces like a great floor lamp keep the space from feeling sterile.

3. Olde English parlor

The classic of classics, this Old London look includes a lot of tufted leather, dark wood accents, and tobacco smoke (preferably from nice candles, not actual cigars). Fully commit to the look with vintage leather furniture, gallery walls, dark paint, and antique mirrors. Ready to DIY your OEP? Find some crates perfect for up-cycling into shelves. Or, if you’re going for gold, try making this top hat chandelier! Check Etsy or a local vintage store for an old chandelier with missing bits and hats to decorate it with. Just make sure the hats are sitting at least 3 inches away from the light bulb to keep it fire-safe.

Happy decorating!