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Investing in the Future of Our People

Coding for React.js, Microservice Training, and How to Maintain Infrastructure in AWS Are Just Some of Trulia’s Training Topics

Nobody really loves training, but let’s face it, it’s hugely important. Training is vital to ensuring business performance, and – most importantly – it’s imperative to employee growth, retention, and happiness. So, we take it seriously at Trulia.

We offer free online coding classes and regularly bring professional trainers in to help our engineering managers learn how to be amazing leaders. Plus, we encourage employees to try new things. For example, we’ve been actively training Web developers in Swift so they can work on our various iOS apps, including our latest Trulia Mortgage app. Above all, what really excites me is that we’re investing in our future, and we have some new classes coming up fast.

Trulia engineers in training

We’re kicking off the new training today with some javascript and React.js experts teaching our team the right way to think about and code React.js. As seen above, our team is diving into this with a four-day intensive study, with the goal to set us up for success this year in modernizing much of our legacy code. We started working with React.js in 2015, and expect to see great benefits once our entire team is thinking about coding consistently at an expert level.

Next at bat is Microservice Training. Dependency management and release scheduling can be a real bear in an organization of our size. As Trulia grew and engineering teams were split up, we started to break up components of our infrastructure and code into small microservices to ease deployment and maintenance. In this training, we’ll learn the pitfalls and challenges with various approaches, and come up with common design patterns to allow us to move quickly without stepping on each others toes.

Finally, our friends from Amazon will be in the office to do in-depth training on how to properly create, scale, and maintain infrastructure in AWS. For Trulia, we use various cloud platforms, and our own dedicated data centers, taking advantage of strengths from each approach. We hope to increase the number of in-house experts to help us scale faster and smarter this year to keep up with the fast paced growth of our business (and engineers).

What’s cool is that we don’t just rely on formal training here at Trulia either. We have many exciting and successful opportunities that have developed organically, such as our Engineering Book Club that meets once a month to talk coding books, and our Women in Engineering Group that meets monthly to discuss a variety topics. We also have tech talks led by engineers each week.

All of this, plus we are about to kick off our Q2 Innovation Week this month. It’s a good time to be part of Trulia Engineering – go check out our open positions!