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Introducing Trulia Rent Near Transit, Helping Consumers Find Rental Properties Near Transit Stops

Forget toggling between screens, Trulia’s new feature lets consumers view transit maps with rental listings and median prices by station

Based on our own qualitative research at Trulia, we know renters want to live close to transit stops for easy access to their personal points of interest, whether that be work, the gym, their child’s daycare, or any other amenity. However, there has never been a clean and viable tool that provides renters this type of information directly within their search, until now. Today, we’re excited to introduce Trulia’s newest feature, Rent Near Transit.

Rent Near Transit is a new search filter that helps consumers find rentals near rapid transit stations, and is available for the Bay Area BART, Boston ‘T,’ Chicago ‘L,’ New York Subway, Philadelphia SEPTA, and Washington, D.C. Metro. Renters can also view median rental prices by station, which might come in particularly handy for those new to the area and unsure of where to settle down.

Trulia Rent Near Transit DC

Trulia Rent Near Transit, Washington, D.C.

Filter For Your Commute
There are plenty of rental properties out there, but for many, not living within a reasonable walk to a transit stop is a bit of a deal breaker. In fact, 69 percent of renters we surveyed in an internal report cite being close to their job, school, or transit as either important or very important. With Trulia’s Rent Near Transit feature, renters can now filter for properties located within a 15-minute walk of the transit stations they care about, helping them weed out listings that do not meet their criteria so they can move fast on finding their next rental.

Compare Median Price by Station
Renters who visit Trulia can now also compare median prices by station. Median prices, especially in major cities, can vary significantly within a short distance. Taking the Bay Area as an example, the median monthly rents in neighborhoods such as Glen Park and Balboa Park, which are eight-minute and 10-minute BART rides away from downtown San Francisco, respectively, are thousands of dollars cheaper than the median monthly rent in downtown San Francisco. Trulia allows consumers to view the median price by station to give them a better feel for the market at a more local level, with the prices updated dynamically to reflect changes in the market as they occur.

Median rental pricing at each transit stop along BART

Median rental pricing at each transit stop along BART

Calculate Commute Times
Not only can consumers find properties near transit stops with Trulia’s Rent Near Transit feature, but Trulia also makes it easy for consumers to calculate what their commute would look like from any property of interest. Meaning, consumers no longer have to go back and forth between their favorite rental website and favorite maps platform every time they see a property that interests them.

Rent Near Transit is the latest feature that continues Trulia’s support of a renter’s entire process, end-to-end – from finding the perfect rental that fits all their needs, to viewing neighborhood info, school ratings, and crime maps, to calculating commute times. There is a lot of information to consider with your next rental, and Trulia has you covered. Try it out here to see how you like it!