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Coffee Orders Aren’t Part of the Job for Our Interns

Our engineering interns have key roles on teams, work on real projects and have a voice
  • One of Zillow Group’s most popular recruiting programs is its summer engineering internship program. It spans all our real estate brands, including Trulia in San Francisco. It feels like just yesterday I was writing a blog post to welcome our 2017 summer engineering interns, when it’s actually time to start recruiting for 2018!

    As we’re gearing up to visit several college campuses to meet potential candidates, I thought I’d give potential interns, and those interested, a peek into our process:

    It all begins in the fall with career fairs. Fairs are where a majority of the students who end up joining our summer internship programs connect with Trulia. Students also are invited to information sessions and tech talks we host in our offices and on their campuses. In fact, this week we hosted a Meetup for data science related to sustainability and conservation.

    Time in Office
    Each Zillow Group office has a different interview process. San Francisco is unique for having a “Batch Day Onsite Interview” process for engineering intern candidates. These interviews are typically held over a two-day period, where we invite a group of students to our office for an immersive experience.

    It’s not about running errands or picking up food for interns. Our interns have key roles on teams, work on real products and projects, and have an influential voice. So, during our interview process, we simulate real-life work. First, the students interview with engineers to talk tech, and ask and answer questions. Then they break into small groups to work on a specific project for a few hours. At the end of the day, they present their work to a larger group of ZG engineers.

    Open Communication
    We value collaboration and transparency at Trulia and Zillow Group. We’re looking for optimistic, forward-thinking innovators to join our team and we believe one of the best ways to find these folks is to be transparent and available from the very beginning, starting with the interview process.

    Interested in joining such a place? Applications for the 2018 summer intern program are now open! Take a look at all the intern opportunities here: