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Want to Save Money? Get a Roommate!

Especially in major metro areas, save big bucks on rent by shacking up.

Renting is expensive—and prices are only going up.  Money saving no-brainers like planning more meals at home and conserving electricity can help rein in costs, but here’s the biggest tip we can give you: Get a roommate!

How much of a savings are we talking here? Nationally, when moving from a solo one-bedroom apartment to a two-bedroom with a roommate, you can save an average of 35% on rent.

But with the median rent for a two-bedroom place going for more than $3,000 in metro NY and SF, and less than $2,000 in DC and Chicago – how much you save in your city can vary a lot. To see what we mean, check out how much a roommate will save you in the 10 largest and most expensive U.S. rental markets.* 

*Among the 25 largest rental markets where the median rent for a two-bedroom home cost more than $1,800 a month. Based on median rent for a two-bedroom apartment, July 2014