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Postcards From Your Home-Buying Journey

An honest, refreshing look at what it takes to buy a home — and survive the process.

Buying a home is an emotional journey, filled with highs and lows, choices and compromises. Everyone who’s gone through it has had their share of craziness, horror, infatuation, and surprises. Who knew you’d learn so much about sewer laterals and sump pumps? Or that you’d be considering a home next to a municipal power station to get an additional 500 square feet?

We’ve all gone through those moments that make you want to laugh (or cry). So for an honest, refreshing look at what it takes to buy a home, enjoy these postcards from the journey. After all, it’s an experience full of stories worth retelling and sharing.

The home search begins

Have you ever walked into an open house and wondered, “How can regular people have such bizarre taste?” While searching, bear in mind that some flaws are only skin-deep — you can always pry up shag carpet and peel off smoke-stained wallpaper. Don’t lose hope, and remember that paint is your best friend.


What kind of neighborhood do you want?

When you buy a home, you don’t marry just the house — you marry the neighborhood as well. How are the schools? What about the crime rate? And what if you had to choose between a safe neighborhood and a hot tub? Life’s full of these difficult choices. After all, you could have a hot tub in your backyard.…


Wants vs. needs — let’s talk budget

Five fireplaces and a pool may start out as non-negotiables, but as budget realities sink in, money tends to draw lines in the sand. Now is the time to be clear on priorities, get creative, and think ahead. Babies may start small but often come with lots of accessories.


Appraisals, inspections, and closing costs — oh my!

You’ve been pinching pennies and have saved hard for a down payment. You’ve secured your mortgage, but now there’s the matter of closing costs. What are closing costs, anyway? Oh, just a few more dollars. Here’s hoping you weren’t too attached to that furniture set you’ve been eyeing.


Taking the plunge and making an offer

This is it. The plunge. The heart-stopping, nerve-wracking moment that is making an offer. It’s one of the biggest financial commitments you’ll make, and one of the most exciting. And then you wait, check your phone every 10 seconds, and wait some more. Finally, when you hear that “yes,” color seeps back into the world, and you can resume breathing. You are no longer a homeseeker. You are now a homeowner. It’s time to celebrate!


You’re moving in!

The living-room paint is peeling, that wall needs to go (tell me it’s not load-bearing), the lights are flickering, and where is that beeping noise coming from? Well, you did say you wanted to put your own stamp on the house, right? And so the journey continues. You’re making a house a home. And it’ll be one of the most satisfying things you do.


What’s your story?

What are your most memorable home-buying moments? We’d love to hear your story, whether in the comments below or in your own blog post. Feel free to share these postcards with your friends or clients — they’ll appreciate that they’re not alone in that unforgettable, and sometimes unpredictable, journey to find “the one.”