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Most popular homes and their neighborhoods of May 2019

These sweet homes, big and small, were the most searched on Trulia for May.

From a charming little 1926 home to a sprawling eight-bedroom mansion, our most-searched listings for May cover the spectrum when it comes to design. But here’s what they do have in common: they’re all in great neighborhoods, and they’re all still on the market.

So we’ve put together a guide to the amazing communities that surround each of these homes with some help from What Locals Say, our guide to residents’ insights on their neighborhoods. Who knows? One of them just may be the perfect fit for you.

Logan in Philadelphia – $215,000


The oversized marble tile floors throughout this place are gorgeous. See more photos here.

Residents of Philadelphia’s Logan neighborhood will tell you that community spirit is the best thing about where they live. “We all respect each other, no matter what culture we’re from,” says one resident. “We take pride in our city and in our families.”1 Numerous residents love the block parties and cookouts that bring their neighborhood together. In addition to this welcoming atmosphere, Logan also offers a variety of local restaurants that represent its diverse community, with options including soul food, Mexican, Chinese, and more. And if you’re looking to make the short commute to downtown Philly, the Broad Street rail line runs right through the middle of the neighborhood.

Although it was built in 1940, this spacious townhouse offers modern living in the heart of Logan. With hardwood flooring in the living room and granite countertops in the kitchen, it’s been thoroughly renovated for contemporary tastes.


Clifton, New Jersey – $279,000


If you’ve always wanted a home with columns, check out the living room of this one. See more photos here.

Clifton is just 15 miles away from the Big Apple, but it still offers relatively affordable homes for the area in what the “New York Times” called “an unpretentious, predominantly middle-class city.” Diversity is a major strength for this community, which includes significant Hispanic, Asian, and African-American populations. “We have friends here who are Muslim, Hispanic, you name it,” one resident told the Times. That diversity is on full display on Main Avenue, which bustles with businesses including a Syrian bakery, a halal Chinese restaurant, a Turkish market, and a pierogi shop.

Built in 1926, this little Cape Cod makes a big statement with its nine front steps. Its lovingly renovated interior is equally appealing (the green-hued bathroom is a particular charmer). With a deck and stone-paved backyard, you’ll also have an ideal place to kick back in pleasant weather.

Beverly Crest in Beverly Hills – $46,500,000


This home’s foyer is the size of a studio apartment. See more photos here.

“We know we are in a discerning location and have the best at our fingertips,” says one Beverly Crest resident.2 That pretty much sums up this Beverly Hills neighborhood, which the “Los Angeles Times” described as an “appealing alternative” to the nearby and better-known communities of Bel Air and Hollywood Hills West. Mansions abound, and upscale restaurants, shops, and cafes are scattered throughout the neighborhood. If natural beauty is more your thing, 605-acre Franklin Canyon Park is nestled right in the center of the neighborhood. There’s also Laurel Canyon Dog Park—appropriate for a neighborhood that 88% of What Locals Say users describe as a dog-friendly.

Beverly Crest’s homes are known for their impressive size, so this 24,000-square-foot beauty on a one-acre lot fits right in. With a host of cutting-edge contemporary design touches, you’d never guess it was built in 1928. And with a pool, screening room, bocce court, and more all within the elegant hedges that surround it, it’s quintessential L.A.

East Stroudsburg, PA – $285,000


This home’s kitchen has some serious cupboard space. See more photos here.

Just west of the New Jersey border in eastern Pennsylvania, East Stroudsburg is far from Pennsylvania’s other major cities, but has plenty to offer on its own. The family-friendly Shawnee Mountain Ski Area includes 23 different slopes and trails (and in the snowless months, it hosts unique events like the Pocono Garlic and Harvest Festival). Fantasy and sci-fi fans love the Frazetta Museum, dedicated to the work of legendary Tarzan illustrator (and onetime East Stroudsburg resident) Frank Frazetta. And for local libations, there’s the Silverback Distillery, which is located on an airstrip that offers skydiving. It’s fair to say East Stroudsburg doesn’t lack for adventure.

This grand, spacious house could be the perfect place to call home in East Stroudsburg. We love the roomy kitchen with its island and breakfast nook, as well as the double-decker deck.

New Brighton in Staten Island – $389,000


You can just see yourself catching some sun on the bright red desk. See more photos here.

Locals are quick to note that New Brighton is convenient for NYC commuting, but the community also has plenty to offer on its own. Salt supplier Atlantic Salt Co. has opened up its waterfront facility for a variety of arts-related events, including the popular Lumen festival, featuring video and performance art. One resident says their community has a diverse mix of newcomers and longtime residents. “Most folks on the street know each other on a first-name basis,” they said. “Almost everyone is very friendly.”

With warm colors, hardwood floors, and a finished basement, this townhome would be a lovely place to settle in New Brighton. The cozy deck offers a perfect perch to have a cup of coffee and enjoy the tree-lined environs.

Thunderbird Hills in San Antonio – $175,000


Take one look at this diving board, and your summer plans will be made. See more photos here.

Thunderbird Hills is just a 20-minute drive from all downtown San Antonio has to offer. But it’s still far enough away to create what local describes as a “quiet, great place for kids to play outside.”4 More than 70% of residents on What Locals Say agree that the community has well-kept yards, lots of sidewalks, and kids taking advantage of the great outdoors. The neighborhood also features plenty of amenities. Restaurants range from the Vietnamese local favorite Pho Ha Long to Los Balito’s Taco Shop, or for breakfast, try the tempting options at Donut Palace. If you’re cooking at home, there’s a centrally located La Fiesta grocery store. And for entertainment, there’s a movie theater right in the neighborhood, too.

In sunny San Antonio, we’d be tempted to spend all our time on the large deck or in the pool of this cute ranch home. And that’s saying a lot, because the interior has charm to spare, with hardwood floors and ample natural light.

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1 Trulia user, August 2018 “We all respect each other, no matter what culture we’re from. We take pride in our city and in our families.”

2 Ialwaysknew, July 2018 “the architecture and the income bracket makes my neighborhood unique. we know we are in a discerning location and have the best at our fingertips.”

3 Trulia user, May 2018 “Diverse mix of people, newcomers and folks who have owned their homes since the 70’s. Most folks on the street know each other on a first name basis. Almost everyone is very friendly.”

Drakon2313, December 2018 “quiet, great place for kids to play outside. not to much else other than that.”