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Hammerfy Your Home with MC Hammer + Trulia

Hammerfy Your Home With MC Hammer Songs
It’s Hammer time! Mix a personalized rap song and music video about your dream home, starring MC Hammer, at

Let’s be real: Whether you’re shopping for Atlanta, GA, or Los Angeles, CA, real estate, the home search can be stressful, coast to coast. You’ve got mortgage approvals, stuff to move, and if you’re headed cross-country, a host of logistical problems to solve. But before you get overwhelmed by the process and decide to peace out, take a dance break with Trulia.

To bring a little fun back into the home search process, we’ve partnered with the hip-hop icon, MC Hammer, to Hammerfy Your Home. Just answer a few simple questions about what amenities you’re looking for in your next home (Pool? Garage? Great schools nearby? A panic room, perhaps?), and let Hammer take it from there. We hope you’ll find yourself inspired, with pep in your step and ready to jump into your home search — plus, you’ll have the perfect summer soundtrack for driving from open house to open house!


Can’t get enough? Create your own dream-home rap video featuring MC Hammer with our Hammerfy Your Home music video generator. Let’s do this!