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In the Market for a Mortgage? Check Out Trulia’s New Tools

As the hot home selling season kicks into gear, finding a mortgage on Trulia just became easier.

One of the most critical parts of finding and buying the right home is securing the best mortgage, and today that’s much easier to do. Trulia has integrated its mortgage offering with Zillow, to improve the overall home buying experience. Available today on Trulia’s web and mobile sites, the new tailored shopping experience on both desktop and mobile web caters to all borrowers, including first-timers who are simply looking to Trulia to connect them with a trusted and competitive local lender, to home financing veterans.

If you want Trulia to help you find the right lender, we can do that based on specific information that you provide about yourself. For example, finding lenders that are nearby can be as important as finding the right interest rate offering. We then connect you with the very best lender for your needs. If you want to comparison shop, you can do that too, by providing some high level information and then Trulia will provide a list of about 30 different providers and their quotes. This enables you to browse through multiple options and choose what you want.

Also beginning today, you will have access to a larger, more diverse group of reputable lenders in all 50 states ranging from small, regional providers, to larger, well known brands such as Citi and Bank of America. More choices ensure you will find the mortgage that best fits your needs.

For the first time, you will be able to see over 130,000 lender ratings and reviews on Trulia, so you can gain important insights about specific providers. You wouldn’t go to a restaurant without first reading its review on Yelp, so why not expect the same when making the extremely important decision on a mortgage lender.

Check out the new tools for yourself.