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Leonardo DiCaprio Puts Malibu Beach House Up for Rent

Want to rent the "Wolf of Wall Street" star's party pad on Billionaire’s Beach?

Leonardo DiCaprio, known for both his brilliant acting in films like The Wolf of Wall Street and his always-revolving bevy of beauties, has officially put his three-bed, two-bath Malibu, CA, beach house on “Billionaire’s Beach” up for lease.

If you’re hoping to catch some rays in the ’Bu, it’s going to cost you. Word is that you can rent Leo’s house for $23,000 in the off-season, or for $50,000 per month during the summer. Hey, when Leo says “never let go” of something, he means real estate too. Though officially named Carbon Beach, the hot-to-trot area is nicknamed Billionaire’s Beach because of the ritzy clientele that lay their beach towels there. (That includes entertainment mogul David Geffen and former Dodgers CEO Jamie McCourt, according to Forbes.)

It looks like DiCaprio, who has been spotted with a new lady recently (maybe he really isn’t dating Rihanna?), may have snagged the perfect investment when he bought the 1,765-square-foot spread in 1998 for $1.6 million for his mother. (Although it hasn’t been confirmed that it’s her residence.) According to the Associated Press, the average lot on Carbon Beach is worth $15 million.

The home is a peaceful cottage with hardwood floors, a spacious deck off the living room, spa, and barbecue area — perfect for anyone with a social life as busy as Leo’s. No word on where Leo is planning to spend his summer catching rays; in 2013, he sold his monster Malibu pad for $17.35 million. He had previously been renting out that mansion for $150,000 per month in the summer, which sounds exactly like the right price tag to sleep in the “King of the World’s” house.

Images courtesy of Buy The Beach, Inc. (via the MLS). The listing agent is Kathryn Bentzen.