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Is This the Most Chilling Home Listing on Trulia?

Trulia partnered with “Poltergeist” to bring you a home few would be brave enough to buy.

We all know the house hunt can be scary. From creepy neighbors to hidden home repairs and all the other things that sellers often try to hide.

But what happens when a home seems too good to be true? After a few days in your new digs, maybe you start to hear strange noises, or things start to move with no explanation, or maybe you just start feeling something eerie and disturbing in the air.

Could your house be … haunted? Trulia tries to weed out haunted houses (we’ve even nailed down the ghostliest locales for you), but we can’t seem to shake the feeling that this house might be hiding something ominous.

To celebrate the reboot of the classic film Poltergeist, Trulia partnered with Fox 2000 Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures to create the spookiest, skin-crawlingest for-sale home you can imagine.

Maybe we’re being superstitious, but everything about the listing gives us the chills — from the ghastly pictures to the master bedroom, which is described as providing the perfect oasis from disturbances, to the note that once inside, “you’ll never leave.” And have you checked out that crime map?

Would you be brave enough to buy? What are you afraid of? Share your tales of spine-chilling home hauntings in the comments below.