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How Do You Know if You’re #TruliHome?

#trulihome family doing quirky things in their home
When you find a home where you can be you.

You walk through the front door after a long day and, “SIGH,” instant relief. We all need a place to be ourselves. Our oddest, truest, most unapologetic selves.

For us at Trulia, that means finding a home worth singing about, a house that encourages seasonal family bonding, and an abode that makes the best use of a secluded outdoor space.




And look who else decided to get in on the fun! We partnered with YouTube stars Mr. Kate, Mishka, Poppin John, Hannah Hart, and The Kloons to get their take on finding a home where they’re #TruliHome. Watch their videos here and then enter to win $25K yourself to put toward your perfect home.

Have a confession about the quirky things you do in the comfort of your own home? Share with #TruliHome for a chance to be featured!