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House Hunting With Actress Minka Kelly

The Los Angeles native is searching for a new neighborhood, and fills us in on the kind of place she’s ready to call home.

When we heard that actress Minka Kelly was in the market for a new home, we were thrilled. As a Los Angeles, CA, native who’s lived around the country, she’s well-versed in the amount of work it takes to find the right place. Using Trulia’s new Live Well maps, it was easy for Minka to narrow it down to the best neighborhoods: pup-friendly places with plenty of green space that are still walkable to a great local coffee shop.

But before she nabs the ideal abode, Minka sat down to talk priorities when it comes to her house hunt!

Trulia: We heard you’re in the market for a new home! What’s the first thing on your priority list?

Minka Kelly: Something with charm and a little history that gets lots of light. Top of my list is being walking distance to a dog park and a great neighborhood mom-and-pop coffee shop!

Trulia: Where do you live now, and what do you love most about your current neighborhood?

Minka Kelly: I live in the hills in LA, and I love how quiet it is. I love that I’m surrounded by nature.

Trulia: If a friend were coming to visit you for the first time, what three neighborhood spots would you take them to while they’re in town?

Minka Kelly: I would take them to the farmers market in Santa Monica, a hike at Griffith Park, and the Grand Central Market downtown for a fun bite to eat.

Trulia: We know your pups are a big part of your life; what do you think they’re looking for in the next home?

Minka Kelly: A bigger backyard!

Trulia: What style of house are you drawn to? Any particular era or age of home you love?

Minka Kelly: I love most Colonial-type homes and farmhouses, but I also love Mid-Century Modern homes.

Trulia: Any hidden home talents? If so, what projects are you looking forward to tackling in your new space? If not, what do you wish you knew how to do?

Minka Kelly: I love interior design. For my next backyard, I want to work on my green thumb — looking forward to building a garden to grow my own veggies!

Trulia: Dead or alive, real or a character, who would be your dream neighbor?

Minka Kelly: David Foster Wallace. Imagine the conversations you’d have! His mind is incredible, and I’m inspired by the way he thinks and speaks. Listen to his commencement speech [to Kenyon College’s class of 2005] if you haven’t heard it already.

Trulia: What do you think makes a space feel truly like a home?

Minka Kelly: Good lighting, art, and dogs!

Want to see Minka Kelly’s house hunt in action? She’ll be taking over Trulia’s Instagram account on March 18, sharing pics from her journey.