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Who Wants To Hide Out In The House From “The Fugitive”?

The Fugitive house
With great views, incredible amenities, and a personal stamp of approval from Harrison Ford, this Lincoln Park home is irresistible to Chicago renters.

When it comes to homes for rent in Chicago, Lincoln Park is the place to go when you’re seeking luxe amenities, where perks such as floor-to-ceiling windows, indoor pools, and glass-floored catwalks may seem everyday. One thing few people can say is that Harrison Ford has given their home his real estate stamp of approval.

But if you live in this five-bedroom, four-bath home, those are your bragging rights. When he was filming The Fugitive, Harrison Ford fell in love with this home — so much so that director Andrew Davis decided to film the opening scenes here. Fugitive fanatics will easily recognize the digs as the location where Dr. Richard Kimble’s wife is murdered, sending the doctor — unjustly convicted of the crime — on a wild manhunt to find her killer.

Whether you’re on the lam like Dr. Richard Kimble and just looking for a stylish spot to hole up for a while or you’re thinking long term, this rental home is worth consideration: You can live here as a renter for $17,000 a month or claim it for yourself for $3.5 million.

Dr Richard Kimble Home

The pretty home is just a block from the Lincoln Park Zoo and within walking distance to the beach. A major expansion in the 1990s doubled its size to 3,129 square feet, and it rises four stories to offer impressive views of downtown Chicago.

Dr Richard Kimble Home

Although somewhat unassuming from the exterior, inside, the home’s wood floors, white walls, and impressive steel staircase (leading to a second-floor balcony and glass-floored catwalk) are anything but boring.

Dr Richard Kimble Home

There is no better place to enjoy a glass of wine than by the fire on a chilly Chicago evening, and in this home, the family room will likely be your favorite hideout. With plenty of built-ins to stash away your favorite vintages, you’ll have no trouble finding something perfect when you’re entertaining. (And plenty of places to hide if the killer comes back looking for Dr. Kimble during the film’s next installation!)

Dr Richard Kimble Home

The dining room achieves its own unique balance by mixing traditional with contemporary. While the chandelier illuminates a very classic dining room setup, the light wood built-in armoire and the floor-to-ceiling view of the indoor pool make for a very modern finish.

Dr Richard Kimble Home

In the next room, a delicate chandelier contrasts the statement fixture in the dining room and is accompanied by bright orange barstools, white cabinets, and stainless steel appliances.

Dr Richard Kimble Home

The most defining feature of the home, the catwalk, was part of the home’s plans when it was built in the 1980s. While the original owners built the second-story catwalk over the foyer and living room, it was later converted to the glass-floored catwalk that exists today. On each end of the catwalk sit two of the home’s four master bedrooms, both treetop level.

Dr Richard Kimble home

When you’re a busy surgeon like Dr. Kimble, function reigns over fancy, and the modern simplicity present throughout the home continues in the main master bathroom. Wood trim lines the white double vanity, and black and natural-colored tiles line the floor and oversized tub.

Dr Richard Kimble Home

Heat-controlled and located under natural skylights, the indoor pool makes this Chicago home irresistible year-round. Dare we say it could even persuade the savviest renter to set down roots and take the plunge into homeownership?

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