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10 Best Places To Be A Dad

In honor of Father’s Day, Trulia crunched the numbers to rank the top 10 metros for fatherhood.

Forget the annual gift-wrapped necktie or shaving kit — this year, to celebrate Father’s Day, Trulia created the ultimate Dad Index to help dads on the move scope out the country’s most dad-friendly metros. Our findings factored in how many new dads (people who became dads in the past two years) live in each metro, how many dad-friendly establishments like breweries and hardware stores there are per capita, and how many for-sale listings mention dream dad amenities like pool tables, sheds, and barbecues (“Grill Sergeant” apron not included).

So when dads set their sights on a new town, what metros should they consider? Should it be Anaheim, CA, where Disneyland is practically a neighbor? Or should they head north, to Worcester, MA, where history buffs can study up on America’s fascinating past? Here’s what we discovered.

What do you think makes a place great for dads? How are you celebrating Father’s Day 2016? Share your tips and ideas in the comments!