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Ellen Degeneres Sells to Sean Parker

And it's known as "The best house in L.A."

Talk show host Ellen Degeneres’ side gig as a house flipper is proving to be a seriously lucrative endeavor. Reports have just emerged that Ellen and wife Portia de Rossi have just sold the Brody House, also known as “The Best House in L.A.,” to tech savant Sean Parker. Parker was famously portrayed by Justin Timberlake in the Oscar-nominated film The Social NetworkAccording to TMZ, Ellen just sold the house to Parker for $55 million. That’s $15 million more than the $40 million she paid for it less than a year ago. TMZ’s sources tell them that “Parker approached Ellen and Portia late last month with the offer … he went nuts over the famous house and Ellen’s interior design. We’re told even though she never intended to flip the house, she couldn’t refuse a good deal. The escrow was all of eight days. It closed last Thursday.” Parker’s swank new home is 13,511 square feet, with six bedrooms, nine and a half bathrooms, a pool, gym, and more, all on 2.3 acres in prime Beverly Hills. The change of ownership isn’t yet reflected in property records, so until then, this is just a mansion-sized rumor. We wouldn’t put it past Ellen and Portia, though. In 2012, they bought Brad Pitt’s Malibu, CA, bachelor pad and then flipped it back on the market seven months later. When the home sold shortly thereafter, they made $1 million in profit. It’s reported that Ellen and Portia have moved on to two adjacent, high-priced condos in Beverly West. They still own a massive estate in Santa Barbara, CA. With their past in real estate, no doubt they’ll be on to their next project before you know it.

Images of The Brody House via the MLS