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Get the Luck of the Irish This St. Patrick’s Day

The cities where toasts are aplenty and green is in no short supply on St. Patrick’s Day.

On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone seems to be seeing green. From “Kiss me I’m Irish” buttons to “I’m not Irish, but kiss me anyway” merchandise, people across the nation get into the Irish spirit. With parades, pub crawls and traditional feasts, the 17th of March is widely celebrated.

But ever wonder which city displays its shamrocks the most prominently in celebration? Trulia took a look at the percentage of Irish American populations as well as the abundance of Irish Pubs and Restaurants to create an index for the Best Cities to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day.

While it’s not surprising that Boston ranked number one on the list, we were surprised to find that only cities in the Northeast cracked the top ten list! Check out the other nine cities in the ranking to see if you’re in for a festive celebration.


And for those who are looking to stump any tricky Leprechauns that may cross your path, take a look at these St. Patrick’s Day facts.


And now that you know a pot of gold will make you a millionaire, perhaps you’ll work even harder to perfect a Leprechaun trap! Regardless of the city you celebrate in or your heritage, grab a cold pint and give a cheers this St. Patrick’s Day.



To create the Best Places to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Index, we looked at Yelp! establishments per 10,000 households and the percentage of populations that identifies as Irish American based on ACS 2015 five-year data. We then mashed this data in the top 100 metros to create our ranking.